Prepress Requirements

Saint Louis Print Group supports both Macintosh OS X and Windows PC versions of the below applications. Please note that we use the Macintosh platform. Our ability to open your files and see them as you saw them on your screen requires that you send us, all fonts and pictures used to create the files. Please contact us with any questions about the following information.

Final File Formats

All-in-one file formats. These file types can contain all required elements for a print order in one file if prepared properly. These files can be saved from any Adobe or Quark application. Our ability to use these files as supplied without editing requires that these files be created and or saved with the appropriate settings. Make sure that a CMYK color space is used retaining all spot colors and embed all fonts and full resolution graphics in your files. When choosing PDF creation options look for one stating High Resolution or Press Quality. Contact us with your PDF creation questions we can help you create a usable PDF.

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)

Native File Formats

Please supply all placed artwork and fonts with native files. We can not print or edit native files without these support files.

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Acrobat Professional) or earlier.
  • Quark XPress 9 or earlier.

Non-Standard Formats

MS Office and Publisher, Windows only graphics applications or other legacy applications fall into this category. Legacy and alternative graphics applications such as Freehand, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Publisher or similar may be used if you can create and supply a PDF from the application that is high resolution and maintains proper printing colors. Be advised that editing is often still required on these non-standard file types.

Color Space

All files supplied must be colored with the ink colors you intend to use for final print. CMYK color space retaining Spot Colors is required. Any file that is supplied in a RGB color space will require modification or may not be usable. Pictures retrieved and used on print orders from the internet are typically of a RGB color space. They are not suitable for print work.


For quality output raster artwork has resolution minimums. 300 DPI for pictures and 1200 DPI for line work. An example of raster artwork would be a photograph. An example of line work would be type. Images not originally created at these resolutions or higher may produce inferior print quality. Increasing the resolution of an already low-resolution file will not improve print quality. Most graphics retrieved and used for print orders from the Internet are typically low resolution and will not reproduce with good quality.


Our ability to convert your supplied artwork into a quality printed piece depends on the supplied artwork meeting our printing requirements. Templates can be provided for your print order. Our templates show proper print position, wrap and bleed requirements. Templates are available in multiple Adobe and Quark formats.


Please supply a hard copy print and/or PDF file with all submitted artwork. Without this we can not verify our work against what was supplied.

Sending Files

Files may be submitted on CD or DVD. Files may be Emailed or Sent to our FTP site, please contact us for an account. We can also retrieve files from your Web or FTP site. Please compress all files being supplied electronically. This helps maintain data integrity as files travel across the Internet. The ability to open and create Zip files is native to both Macintosh and Windows PC systems. We also have the ability to open your Stuffit files. If you need guidance to create a zipped file please call.

Supplying everything as requested helps, however, unexpected changes may occur from your end to ours. Some typefaces and the options used with them may not transfer from your end to ours. A proof will be provided to verify that your order will print as intended. Please understand that not adhering to the above requirements may cause delays and or additional cost to your print order. We can help minimize any delay or pricing additions by helping you plan your print project. Please contact us for artwork templates and creation advice before creating and submitting your artwork.